Writer: What, Why and How?
Why should you become a writer?
Before proceeding further and getting into details of a particular subject or topic,we should know it’s-
So let’s begin with – Why should you become a Writer?

I am neither a born Writer nor a Blogger. I acquired my interest in writing by just writing. Sounds Strange no?? But this is a fact. I love to write. I used to write down everything I felt. This made me a writer. Write, write and keep writing, a secret of becoming a writer.

Let’s take a closer look at Why should you Become a Writer?

Firstly if you want to be your own boss and don’t want to work under any superior, then Writing is an ideal profession to start your career as a freelance writer. You work from your home at your ease. more relaxed schedule than any nine-to-fivers.

Secondly, depending on your choice to expertise on field of writing, your freelance work can take you up to different levels. For example: If you want to write any book or you are a travel writer then you can go places to places to explore.If you are a magazine journalism then you get chances to meet celebrities, scientists, etc..If you are a novel writer or a poet then you can reach to new heights of your own imaginations, and many more writings like this. It is all up to you and your interests.

Most importantly, being a writer you can earn handsome money at your own ease. You can earn as much as you work. You have enough time for your friends and family. Moreover, you have enough time for some extra-curricular activities.

Writers are in great demand these days, specially website content writers. They have a bright flourishing future as most of the top MNCs are hiring Content Writers for freelancing as well as full-time.

So, if you love to write and have the ability to think on any topic, you are ready to go!

In the upcoming articles, we will discuss about “How” and “What” of this topic…