Content Vs. Article: Difference

What is the difference between website content and article? This is a question that is quite frequently asked in many forums and blogs. This is because there is a very thin line between these two. But, there is a significant difference between these two types of writing. Let us find out:

Website Content
Website content is defined as the write-ups that you can see on the homepage, about us, FAQ pages of any website. These are those pages of a website that contains a sales-oriented content. The content mainly focuses on the client’s business and marketing style.

An article is defined as any write-up for a website/blog which is informational and is not sales-oriented content. Articles inform the reader about the business or the product rather than selling or promoting.

The Difference
The important difference here is that sales-oriented website content has a different style of writing as compared to an article. Even though all these write-ups are posted on a website, not all of them have a sales-oriented approach and that is the major difference that a writer should take care of.