A “citation” is defined as a way to tell readers that particular content is from some other source.

It is a reference that lets you acknowledge all those sources that you use in writing formal academic papers. It also allows a reader to locate the sources via key information that it provides.

It also provides the information required to find that source once more. The following information should be included in a citation:

information regarding the author
the title of the content
the name along with the location of the company, which published the copy of the source
the page numbers of the content that you are borrowing
the date in which the copy was published
If you give credits to the original writer by citing the sources, you can save your content from plagiarism and use other’s work.

Let us know some other reasons for why we should we cite sources:

Citations are very helpful for the readers who want to search more regarding your ideas along with the source from where these ideas came from!
All the sources are not good or correct. Your ideas may be more precise or interesting as compared to your sources. Proper citation sources can help you take the rap for some other’s awful ideas.
Citing sources shows the hard work you have done in researching.
It also strengthens your content by offering external support to your ideas.
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