Content Writing: Types and Scope

Content Writing Types

The Content Writing Industry is very huge. You first need to ask yourself two questions, “What type of writing you enjoy?” and “In which writing skills you are confident about?”. Before applying for projects, you need to realize which type of writing suits you the best. A Writer has a lot of opportunities to grab a good job. There are a lot of content writing jobs if you know how to play with words, that too with a handsome salary package. Let us discuss these fields in detail so that you can decide which field you can opt-in order to grow your career as a Writer.

Academic Content writers

Academic writers are those individuals who write for university magazines, scientific journals, etc. They are mainly article writers, but unlike other writers, they do not write for money. If your work is being published in an academic magazine, it is considered an honor, and there is no other pay for it. The reason why writers fight to get in is just that this helps in growing their academic career as a teacher, professor, or scientist. This type of writing needs years of experience and research.

Article writers

Article writers are the non-fiction writers who write short pieces on a particular theme, topic, or some news item. Travel writers, food writers, medical writers are all experts in their niche and usually write for magazines and websites. Article writers must have the capability to write articles in a brief and crisp language. The marketplace for well-written articles is huge, both on and off the Internet. High-quality writers with expertise in their writing skills can make good money.


Copywriters are the highest-paid writers in the writing field. All articles are written in order to sell a product and normally a good marketing content sells more products as compared to a mediocre text, therefore good copywriters get good money. Copywriters’ most valuable asset is the capability to generate interest and keenness about a product while retaining the viewers’ trust.

Freelance Content writers

Freelance writers are those writers who do not make their livelihood on one full-time writing job. A freelance writer has a lot of freedom. You can work at your convenience and as much as you like. Many beginners will find freelancing work very easy to grab, but only experts working full time can make a good living from it.

Online Content writers

Online writers are those who write for websites and e-zine articles. Most of them are freelancers, and a lot of them have no prior background as writers, and many of them have other day jobs. This group includes poetry, articles, and short stories. For part-time writers, the online world is a blessing, as it offers them a platform for their work and let them climb up as they progress in their skills.

Technical Content writers

Technical writers do not win a lot of fame for their system documentation and user manuals, but in these days of huge technical development, it is profitable writing business. Once a writer is hired by a company to write their documentation. This type of work needs expert level knowledge in the related technology and product and some teaching skills. Technical writers are employed as staff writers in huge companies. However, they can also find work as freelancers for small companies.


Translators are not top-paid workers among other writers. The rates are generally per completed page and the translator is likely to deliver a similar quality of language as the creator of the original work has done. Publishers are liable to come back to their translators to offer them further jobs. Translators are generally freelancers. To become a professional translator, you need to have a university degree!