Be ready with a high quality sample content, it helps to grab the project easily.

“First Impression is Important”. If the client finds your sample awesome, you will get the project immediately.

Quote a good price, for this you must have knowledge about the market rate going on these days.

Keep yourself updated with the content marketplace.

Research is really the most significant factor to keep yourself away from spammers.

Before taking projects, know the client, do not get cheated. Market is full of cheats and frauds. Take the client’s contact details, consult with the fellow writers.

Try to complete the project within the deadline.

Do not copy the content from other websites. However, you can take references from other websites.

Try to take references from at least 6-10 websites. Do not take more than 100 words from a website. Mix and match the content and make a fresh new content with your ideas and understanding.

Always take topics on which you have good knowledge. If you are updated with technology articles, write on it. This will help you write perfectly and would be interesting for you.

Make a proper timetable of your work. If you work for more than 1 client, divide your time properly so that you do not have a last-minute hassle and loose your client because of improper submission.

Research about the topic as soon as you receive a project. Take out the best material from a number of websites and write them in your own words. Do not just COPY-PASTE. Plagiarism is not tolerated in this field. You will loose your client immediately as a website with a copied content looses its rank in no time.

To grab maximum project, we will share a number of websites that provide huge number of freelancing projects. We will also teach you how to register and apply for those projects. If you follow these tips, you will be able to grab good projects and earn handsome money.

We will share a lot more tips to help you succeed in this field and earn a lot.

Good Luck Folks!