A writer is a person who has written something of own such as books, stories, poems, blogs, website content etc.Whereas a copyist is a person who:
Just wants to be paid for writing a certain number of words
Is not experienced in any particular writing style
Does not have any type of industry specializations
Does not have a unique perception to share
Is not expecting to get high compensation as they do not expect to offer high-quality work
Basically, a copyist can be an individual who transcribes or just imitates. A writer is not a copyist or an imitator. A writer is an author of his own work.

Writer or a copyist?

It is quite easy to decide that you are a writer or just a copyist:
You are not at all passionate about writing.
It means that if someone offered you a new job in some other industry, you would put down writing behind without giving a second thought.

You do not read for happiness.
You do not read books, newspapers, or magazines on a regular basis and you do not follow any blogs or authors.

You write according to the word count.
It means when you get a 500-word write-up, you write precisely 500 words.

You do not feel proud of your writing.
It means you do not want to share your write-ups with your loved ones.

You never write in your free time.
You take writing as a work, and if you are not getting paid for it, there is no cause to do it.

You believe your writing is good.
You never spend time working to improve your writing skills.

If there is a “YES” for you with one or more of these points, it is pretty possible that you are into mistaken career. However, do not be disheartened if you are a copyist if you actually want to become a writer. It is not impossible for you to become a writer. You just need to change your approach and hold the role of a freelance writer.

Writer or a copyist?

You are a writer if:
You have original thoughts that you want to share.
Your write-ups do not depend on reiterating ideas from other writers. You make use of your own knowledge and ideas to create a unique content.

You like researching.
You love to be immersed in news related to your work and always stay updated.

You love to read.
You read books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. You read to understand how other writers deliver their work.

You write in your leisure time.
Even if there are no paid assignments lined up for you, you still keep writing, whether, on your blog or an article that you are looking forward to selling, you are just writing.

You have a portfolio.
You have published a piece of content that show you are an authoritative writer.

If you are a freelance writer, there are a handful of things that can bump up your writing career:
Create a website for a perfect portfolio.
Freelance writers can create a website that can help promote them. Create a simple website that shows off your skills to sell through your magical words.

You can also create a portfolio that features your past write-ups that you have done for clients. However, it is good to get the client’s permission before featuring the write-ups you have done for them

Network with other types of creative people.
Digital and visual media is growing day by day. So create a network with other creative people who can help you in creating a range of media like videos and interactive apps.

Grow work relationships with smart designers and developers so that you can complement each other’s work so as to create high-end media which features a copy together with some images, amazing graphics, and a few interactive elements.